Historical background.

In the year 1983, the Kurt-Hahn Foundation was established by the Altsalemer Vereinigung e.V., founded in 1950 (Association of Former Students of Schule Schloss Salem). Already in 1963, a scholarship fund was established within the Altsalemer Vereinigung, which later became the “Foundation for the Support of Salemer Schools” in 1967. The assets of this foundation, along with a donation from the “Association of Supporters,” which has been supporting the school’s educational mission since 1925, formed the foundation of the Kurt-Hahn Foundation.


Purpose of the Foundation

The nonprofit foundation aims to support education and teaching at Schule Schloss Salem. The central idea is to provide scholarships to particularly gifted and talented children and adolescents, regardless of their parents’ income, enabling them to attend Salem. In doing so, the foundation remains committed to the vision of its founder, Kurt Hahn, who asserted shortly after the school’s establishment that financial circumstances should not hinder access to this outstanding institution.

“… Nowhere is it written that children of wealthy parents must be more suitable than those less privileged. It would be foolish to claim such a thing. However, a private school, especially, should represent the entire society as it currently exists, not just the upper tax brackets.”

Golo Mann, Altsalemer (alumni of Schule Schloss Salem), Abitur 1923.

The Kurt-Hahn Foundation and Salem. An overview.

Board of Directors and Board of Trustees

The Kurt-Hahn-Stiftung is led by a board of directors consisting of up to seven members and advised by a board of trustees.

Board of Directors:
Dr. Karen Jung, Chair of the Kurt-Hahn-Stiftung
Oliver Fischer, Deputy Chair of the Kurt-Hahn-Stiftung
Tatjana Colsman, Board Member
Karin Gräfin von Strachwitz-Helmstatt, President of the Altsalemer Vereinigung e.V. (Association of Former Students of Schule Schloss Salem)
Dr. Alfred Schefenacker, Board Member
Franka Bechstein, DSZ − Deutsches Stiftungszentrum GmbH (German Foundation Center)

Board of Trustees:
Curtis Briggs
Hans-Joachim Danzer
Dr. Florian Meyer
Manfred Schoenbach
Dr. Dankwart von Schultzendorff

Association of Former Students (ASV) – ASV

Early on, the idea of alumni was implemented in Salem. In 1927, seven years after the founding of Salem, the Salemer Bund was established as the predecessor organization. In 1950, the Salemer Bund became the current Altsalemer Vereinigung e.V. (Association of Former Students), to which all former students of Schule Schloss Salem and Salem Kolleg can join.

In the meantime, the ASV has become a globally active, multi-generational network with approximately 4,000 members. As such, it is closely connected to the school and the Kurt-Hahn-Stiftung and provides both institutions with moral and financial support.

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Kurt-Hahn Prize

On the occasion of Kurt Hahn’s 80th birthday in 1966, the Altsalemer Vereinigung e.V. established the Kurt Hahn Prize, which is endowed with 1,000 EUR.
The aim is to promote and strengthen the sense of community among the 80 members of the worldwide association of Round Square Schools (also founded by Kurt Hahn).
The prize is awarded for exceptional service to others. This can be a short-term or long-term service, and it can take place within or outside the respective school community.

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Friends of Salem Association – Vereinigung der Förderer der Schule Schloss Salem e.V.

The Friends of Salem Association e.V. – Association of Supporters of Schule Schloss Salem has been supporting Salem’s educational mission since 1925. Back then and still today, the association follows Salem’s educational mission as formulated by Kurt Hahn. The association supports projects that cannot be financed from the regular school budget but are of sustainable benefit to students and the school. The association addresses parents of current and former students as well as school staff.

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