Using fines to promote young talent

The Kurt Hahn Foundation is a non-profit foundation with the mission to open up new educational perspectives for talented children and young people.

The Kurt Hahn Foundation is part of the Stifterverband – the joint initiative of companies and foundations that is the only one to provide holistic advice, networking and support in the areas of education, science and innovation.

Money orders and fines allocated by public prosecutors and criminal courts provide valuable support for the Kurt Hahn Foundation. This income helps to give great young talents new perspectives.

Our promise to you

The Kurt-Hahn Foundation is recognized as a non-profit organization.

Use of Funds:
The Kurt-Hahn Foundation uses monetary penalties exclusively for the purposes outlined in its statutes.

Notification requirement:
The Kurt Hahn Foundation undertakes to inform the assigning authority of the receipt or non-receipt of assigned monetary charges promptly and thus in a timely manner. The competent higher regional courts or public prosecutors’ offices are informed at the beginning of the year about the amount and use of allocations and payments of fines from the previous calendar year.

The Kurt-Hahn Foundation keeps transparent records of all payments received within the framework of monetary penalties on a separate account.

Absolute discretion about all information concerning the respective processes is a matter of course for us.

German Foundation Center: The Kurt Hahn Foundation receives professional management support from the German Foundation Center.

Link to the Stifterverband der deutschen Wissenschaft
Link to the Deutsches Stiftungszentrum (German Foundation Center)
Link to the Kurt-Hahn Foundation within the DSZ

Information for payers

You have been required by a government agency to make a payment to the Kurt Hahn Foundation? Then we would like to ask you to use the following bank details:

Monetary contributions requested to:
Kurt Hahn Foundation | German Foundation Center
IBAN: DE42 3608 0080 0404 0764 01
Commerzbank AG

And three more important notes

  • Please always indicate the file number of the responsible authority as the purpose of use. Only in this way we can correctly inform about the receipt of payment.
  • We are not permitted to issue donation receipts to you in the context of monetary charges. Monetary contributions are not considered voluntary deductible donations.
  • Please contact the relevant authority directly if you have any questions regarding payment deadlines or installment payments. We are not permitted to make our own arrangements in this regard.

Your contact person

If you would like remittance slips or address labels and for any other inquiries, feel free to contact us.

Franka Bechstein – Foundation Management Kurt Hahn Foundation

You can reach us by telephone as follows:
Franka Bechstein – Regional Office Stuttgart – +49 (0)711 120291 01

Information materials

We have prepared specific information materials for judges, public prosecutors, and lawyers. We would be happy to send you relevant information about the lists on which the Kurt-Hahn Foundation is already registered. We can also provide you with materials about the work of the Kurt-Hahn Foundation.

Please feel free to order information materials by email.