To plant a garden, is to believe in tomorrow.

Audrey Hepburn


Our benefit project and appeal for donations in favor of the KURT-HAHN-FOUNDATION on the occasion of its 40th anniversary.

Salem Planet Square will celebrate the togetherness and diversity of the people of Salem with an impressive tree planting event that will also serve as an extraordinary fundraising appeal to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Kurt Hahn Foundation in 2023. Just as we recognize a wonderful diversity and multi-layeredness in humans worldwide, so too is an immense richness of species found in trees. Trees, which have always accompanied us humans, provide food, shelter and shade. Their wood gives us fire and is an indispensable material for our lives. Trees provide a home for flora and fauna on every continent. Forests give us oxygen, give us rest and relaxation. Trees play a fundamental role in the arts, customs and rites of all peoples.

Through a noteworthy tree planting event, we will create a unique space, Salem Planet Square, to symbolize this special community in Salem. Become part of this action and donate with. We are happy about any contribution.

Here you can find the flyer for our project Salem Planet Square.

How can we support the KHS and become a part of the SALEM PLANET SQUARE?

  • All supporters can donate, but of course several people can unite under one donor name (e.g. families, regions, etc.).
  • The names of the 40 donors who have given the highest amount to the KHS Anniversary Fund by May 15, 2023, will be engraved on a central bronze plaque in the center of the plaza in gratitude.
  • Benches at Salem Planet Square will be used to thank the 40 donors with the next donation amounts by placing name plaques on the benches. Again, the deadline is May 15, 2023.
  • Any donation is of course welcome. Therefore, among all donors who do not find an immediate place on the bronze plaque or benches, 8 additional donor names will be drawn by lot to also receive a place on Salem Planet Square.
  • An overview of all donors will then be available in the ASV-Mitteilungen in the fall.


Kurt-Hahn Foundation
IBAN: DE42 3608 0080 0404 0764 01
BIC: DRESDEFF360 (Commerzbank)

Intended use: KHS Anniversary Fund

The foundation management will be happy to answer any questions:

Kurt Hahn Foundation | German Foundation Center
Regional Office Stuttgart
Königstrasse 7
DE 70173 Stuttgart

Phone: +49 (0)711 120291 01

Donation receipts

The Kurt Hahn Foundation is a non-profit foundation, donations are therefore tax deductible. For donations of 300 EUR or more, appropriate donation receipts can be issued. The Salem Planet Square fundraiser is consistent with the principles of the KHS in accordance with its bylaws and follows the principles of Hahn’s educational goals.

For amounts less than 300 EUR , the proof of payment is valid as confirmation of the donation for submission to the tax office in accordance with the current legal requirements.