Dear Interested Individuals,

Are you talented? Are you ambitious and capable? Do you want to get to know yourself better and develop your personality? Then you’ve come to the right place. We are looking for young talents and personalities who are eager to be supported and challenged. In the following articles, you will learn how we can help you and what you need to do to have a chance at a scholarship.

The year at the college has been one of the best experiences of my life so far.

Björn, College Year 2016/2017

The application for a partial scholarship at Schule Schloss Salem is possible throughout the year. The Kurt-Hahn- Stiftung supports the education and schooling of exceptionally capable children and adolescents. Your attendance at Schule Schloss Salem should not be hindered by financial concerns.

Chance for financial support: Gifted students in grades 5 to 11 can benefit from the partial scholarships offered by the Kurt-Hahn-Stiftung.

You can find all the information and application forms here.

What comes after passing the exam? Many high school graduates are unsure about which field of study is right for them. The Salem College addresses this and other challenges with a one-year study and career orientation program that follows the completion of the Abitur (German high school diploma).

The Salem College primarily caters to students who did not graduate from Salem itself.

To ensure that as many high school graduates as possible can participate in the Salem College, scholarships are awarded every year.

Applicants for a scholarship at the Salem College can apply throughout the year.

You can find all the information and application forms here.

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The application process – in 4 steps

  1. Application as part of the regular application for a school place.
  2. Notification of a possible scholarship amount (with submission of parents’ income tax assessment).
  3. Decision on admission with or without a scholarship by the school.
  4. Contract preparation.

The fully completed application form, along with all other required documents, must be submitted to us by the time of the application for a school place.

Students who already attend Schule Schloss Salem can also apply for a scholarship.

The scholarship for our Salem talents is called the Heinrich Blendinger Scholarship.

Dr. Heinrich Blendinger led Schule Schloss Salem from 1934 to 1943 in the spirit of its founders. It was thanks to him that Salem was able to survive with a minimum of compromise until almost the end of National Socialism. A scholarship in his name is intended to show that virtues such as sincerity, political prudence, professional skill and humanity are particularly encouraged at Salem.

The Heinrich Blendinger Scholarship is awarded to children and young people who are already students at Schule Schloss Salem and do not yet have a Salem Scholarship. Applicants are expected to have a good academic record, be particularly involved socially, musically and/or athletically, and be willing and able to assume responsibility at the boarding school. The scholarship will be awarded until the student graduates from high school with a high school diploma or International Baccalaureate, but will be reviewed annually to determine if the student continues to meet the requirements.

More information about scholarships in Salem

Information Heinrich Blendinger Scholarship as PDF

Here are some quotes from scholarship recipients:

“Salem has become my home. Thanks to the financial support, I am able to perfectly balance good education, sports, social engagement, and free time. After a year, it is simply unimaginable to live without the friends I made in Salem. Thank you for that!”

“Salem – sometimes when I think about the fact that I can actually go to school HERE in Salem, it seems unreal to me, simply because it is such a great privilege. Without the scholarship, it would be impossible for me to attend Salem.”

“When I look back on my arrival in Salem, I realize again and again that I have changed significantly and that I have gained countless experiences and insights about my environment and myself since then. These were not always easy to process, but ultimately, they have all strengthened me to be true to myself. Without a scholarship, I would have been denied the opportunity to spend this important time in Salem, and I often wonder how I would have developed without it.”

The majority of scholarship recipients, like other students, embrace the challenges of education and boarding life. They have a stimulating and inspiring effect on the school community – and vice versa. Due to their willingness and ability to excel, many academic scholarship recipients are elected to leadership positions by their peers. In many biographies, one can observe and recognize how Salem has strengthened their personalities and how they embody Salem’s values in their later lives.


  • Excellent academic performance
  • Civil society engagement
  • Special talent in music / sports / arts / …
  • Alignment with the values of Schule Schloss Salem and its founders


Stipend recipients at Schule Schloss Salem have a special role. They act as role models with high social competence, take on responsibility, and engage with the school, whether it’s during internal events or in external contexts.

The partial scholarships are granted for both the Abitur degree and the English- language International Baccalaureate (IB) degree.


After the start of the school year, all stipend recipients get to know each other through a shared event. Depending on the weather, a personalized program is offered, focusing on networking, providing information about the Kurt Hahn Foundation, and important details. Schule Schloss Salem places special emphasis on fostering exchange among all stipend recipients and maintaining contact with the school’s supporters and sponsors.

After receiving all the documents, the regular application process for a school place at Schule Schloss Salem begins. This requires a personal appearance on-site (admission interview) and the completion of placement tests.

Guided tours by our students are offered, and all visiting children are invited for lunch. At the same time, the income documents are examined, and the potential scholarship amount is determined in consultation with the families.

The feedback from the admission interview, tests, and tours, as well as the feedback from mentorships and school classes during trial days, also contribute to the decision-making process. The decision regarding a school place with or without a scholarship is made collectively by the Admissions Department, the Academic Leadership, the Boarding School Management, and the Executive Management.

In principle, Schule Schloss Salem and Salem Kolleg offer full and partial scholarships. In addition to the income-independent basic scholarship of 500 EUR per month or 6,000 EUR per year, the individual parental income also influences the amount of scholarship awards. This income is thoroughly examined and forms the basis for individual arrangements.
We want to encourage you and your parents: If you are convinced, apply!

The Kurt-Hahn Foundation supports both new students at Salem with the Salem Scholarship and internal students with the Heinrich Blendinger Scholarship.

For more information on scholarships at Salem, please visit the following link.

A society like ours needs “elites who justify themselves through performance and a willingness to take responsibility in their role as role models” (Roman Herzog, Berlin Speech 1997).

Schule Schloss Salem wants to contribute to this goal. Those who contribute to the Kurt-Hahn Foundation directly support the school in this endeavor. The Kurt-Hahn Foundation and Schule Schloss Salem are jointly striving to increase the scholarship funding rate, which currently stands at approximately 20%.

During their time at Salem, stipend recipients are encouraged to reflect on their actions and behavior through regular discussions and assessments. This applies to all other students equally.

Each year, stipend recipients prepare a report in which they describe their personally set goals and their achievement. At the end of each school year, a decision is made on whether the academic performance justifies the continuation of the scholarship.

Anyone who takes pleasure in achievement and possesses exceptional talent in academic or extracurricular areas can apply.

Current students or new students who are interested in continuing their academic journey at Schule Schloss Salem or attending Salem Kolleg after completing their secondary education can apply.

Good grades are a basic requirement for a successful scholarship application, but Salem also expects scholarship recipients to have a special character attitude: a high standard for oneself and the ability to use one’s knowledge and skills for the benefit of others.

The application for a partial scholarship at Schule Schloss Salem is open throughout the year. All talented and dedicated students in grades 5 to 11 can benefit from the partial scholarships offered by the Kurt-Hahn Foundation.

For more information about scholarships and application requirements, please visit:

Please send scholarship applications for Schule Schloss Salem by mail, indicating current grade level, to:

Schule Schloss Salem
Fundraising / Scholarship Department
Ms. Gesa Meyer-Wiefhausen
DE 88682 Salem

Application documents can be found here.

Applications for Salem Kolleg are continuously accepted. Apply now for the academic year 2020/2021 at Salem Kolleg. A total of 48 places are available for the 2020/2021 Kolleg year, which will be awarded during selection days.

Interested individuals can find information and the online application form here:
Further information on application requirements at Salem Kolleg

Contact person:
Campus Salem Kolleg
Claudia Groot
Kurt-Hahn-Str. 1
DE 88662 Überlingen