Scholarship Application

More information on scholarship funding

Who can apply for a scholarship?

Anyone who takes pleasure in achievement and possesses exceptional talent in academic or extracurricular areas can apply. Current students or new students who are interested in continuing their academic journey at Schule Schloss Salem or attending Salem Kolleg after completing their secondary education can apply. Good grades are a basic requirement for a successful scholarship application, but Salem also expects…

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Requirements – Expectations – Community

Requirements Expectations Stipend recipients at Schule Schloss Salem have a special role. They act as role models with high social competence, take on responsibility, and engage with the school, whether it’s during internal events or in external contexts. The partial scholarships are granted for both the Abitur degree and the English- language International Baccalaureate (IB) degree. Community After the start…

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What are the self-costs for a scholarship?

In principle, Schule Schloss Salem and Salem Kolleg offer full and partial scholarships. In addition to the income-independent basic scholarship of 500 EUR per month or 6,000 EUR per year, the individual parental income also influences the amount of scholarship awards. This income is thoroughly examined and forms the basis for individual arrangements. We want to encourage you and your…

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What is the scholarship funding rate?

A society like ours needs “elites who justify themselves through performance and a willingness to take responsibility in their role as role models” (Roman Herzog, Berlin Speech 1997). Schule Schloss Salem wants to contribute to this goal. Those who contribute to the Kurt-Hahn Foundation directly support the school in this endeavor. The Kurt-Hahn Foundation and Schule Schloss Salem are jointly…

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