Category: Funding Opportunities

By making a donation to the foundation’s capital, you enable the sustainable financing of scholarships and deserving projects through the generated income.

How can I make an endowment?
You significantly contribute to the long-term security of the foundation’s mission and the strengthening of its objectives by declaring your donation, bequest, or inheritance as an “endowment.”
In this case, the Kurt-Hahn-Stiftung will allocate your contribution to the foundation’s assets. With a growing endowment, the Kurt-Hahn-Stiftung will receive higher returns over time, which can be used operationally for the purpose of the foundation.
Within the scope of endowments, there is also the possibility of establishing a dependent foundation under the umbrella of the Kurt-Hahn-Stiftung. This allows for a tax deduction of a certain amount as a founding allowance.

Link: Stifterverband der deutschen Wissenschaft (Association of German Foundations for Science)
Link: Deutsches Stiftungszentrum (German Foundation Center)

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