Category: Scholarship Application

Here are some quotes from scholarship recipients:

“Salem has become my home. Thanks to the financial support, I am able to perfectly balance good education, sports, social engagement, and free time. After a year, it is simply unimaginable to live without the friends I made in Salem. Thank you for that!”

“Salem – sometimes when I think about the fact that I can actually go to school HERE in Salem, it seems unreal to me, simply because it is such a great privilege. Without the scholarship, it would be impossible for me to attend Salem.”

“When I look back on my arrival in Salem, I realize again and again that I have changed significantly and that I have gained countless experiences and insights about my environment and myself since then. These were not always easy to process, but ultimately, they have all strengthened me to be true to myself. Without a scholarship, I would have been denied the opportunity to spend this important time in Salem, and I often wonder how I would have developed without it.”

The majority of scholarship recipients, like other students, embrace the challenges of education and boarding life. They have a stimulating and inspiring effect on the school community – and vice versa. Due to their willingness and ability to excel, many academic scholarship recipients are elected to leadership positions by their peers. In many biographies, one can observe and recognize how Salem has strengthened their personalities and how they embody Salem’s values in their later lives.